Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

God has been so good to us today. After waking up at 7 AM and waking the rest of my family by saying “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!” we all gathered downstairs to open our presents and excitedly see if we had good Skype service. I was not feeling hopeful after the call was dropped twice, but the saying is “Third time’s a charm” right? Dad was able to watch all of us open our presents and it was the next best thing to him actually being there.

If you know me well, then you know that my newfound obsession is the sitcom Friends. I started watching it when I got to school and have been booking through each season like nobody’s business. Therefore, the best present I got today was a coffee mug that says “Central Perk” and looks just like the mugs they drink out of on the show. I was very excited!! I cannot wait to sit on my little couch at school, watch Friends and drink coffee out of my “Central Perk” coffee mug. Of course homework will get in the way, but I will have to work out a date night for me, my coffee and my Friends.

Another favorite out of the presents I got for Christmas would be all of the books! Me and books have a strong bond. I love reading anything and everything; however, this does not include text books. That is one of the downfalls of college…there is no time to read for pleasure. Usually I read one book at a time, but here lately I have gotten good at reading several different books and still being able to keep track of each story line and everything else in between. I am reading 4 different books right now: “Mrs. Lincoln” which is a book on the life of Mary Todd Lincoln, “Boundaries in Dating” which is a great book that helps you develop self-control in healthy dating relationships so you’re better able to find and commit to a marriage partner (I highly recommend this book), “Sherlock Holmes”, and “Love Finds you in North Pole Alaska” which is a Christian novel my Mom gave me that so far is pretty good. I need to get a move on and finish off a few books before going back to school.

I hope that all of my friends and family have had as good of a Christmas as me and my family have. God has given us incredible strength to get through the holidays without our family all together. The following days may drag and seem to take forever, but I know that in time the deployment will be over and all 6 of us will be together again. Until that time, God will continue to keep us all safe and anxiously awaiting the beginning of February.  

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