Friday, March 02, 2012

School, Oh School!

School has never been my specialty.  I have to work very hard for the grades I get.   I have never been someone to hear a concept in class and be able to ace a test after hearing it once.  I have to study for hours and hour, and sometimes even days before a test.   I’ve on occasion been very excited over receiving C’s.  Since college my grades have been a lot better and it always makes me feel so good about myself.  It’s nice to have your hard work pay off, finally.  However, this semester has been somewhat of a different story.  I am taking a very difficult set of classes.  The 5 I have (Statistics, Earth Science, New Testament, Philosophy and US History) are all very difficult and time demanding and I am having a hard time staying on top of things.  This has been very stressful because I have to have a 3.0 this semester in order to get into Regent’s Elementary Education program.  Talk about a stressful situation.  I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life.  I can’t imagine what I would do with my life if I can’t become a teacher.  I am working harder than I ever have in my entire life to get my homework done in time and to do well on all of my assignments.  It’s been a very rough semester, but I know that God knows the outcome already.  If He wants me to be a teacher, I know that I can get through this semester with the grades I need.   

It has been complete bliss to be on Spring Break this week and to not have to do homework.  Not having to stay in the library until midnight at all this week has been so nice.  It has been great being able to spend time with my family and just have a week to catch my breath.  I am hoping after this I can go back into the rest of my semester refreshed and do great on the rest of my projects and assignments. 

Pray for me!        

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